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Galaxy Note 3 costs $699 off contract on Verizon Wireless


AT&T and T-Mobile have both announced price plans for the Galaxy Note 3, with AT&T offering the phablet out to buyers for $299 on a two year contract and T-Mobile offering it for $100 cheaper.

Verizon Wireless is set to be the next US carrier to make an announcement, followed by Sprint. According to a leaked internal document, Verizon will offer the Galaxy Note 3 at $299 on a two year contract and $699 off contract.

The Galaxy Note 3 is already available for pre-order from Verizon Wireless and the carrier was the first to start allowing pre-orders. It seems they are just a little behind when it comes to announcing price-points and release dates.

According to the internal document, Verizon will also offer the Galaxy Gear as a bundle with the Galaxy Note 3 for $599, but gave no notification if this is on contract or off contract, although we highly expect it to be the former.

The bundle seems a little odd, unless the maths is mistaken, Verizon is literally offering the bundle for $0.01 less than it would cost normally. It may attract buyers as this is the only device to support the Galaxy Gear (alongside the Galaxy Note 10.1) but it is no price drop.

Currently, the T-Mobile offer looks the best and users can use the JUMP upgrade to grab the new Galaxy Note 3. The only problem with T-Mobile is the current LTE spectrum, something the company is working hard on.


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