Former Nokia CEO starts new company Newkia


When Nokia decided to sell its Device’s Division to Microsoft for $7.71 billion, many in the Finnish company felt this was the end of a rather dark period, where the company took $250 million exclusive deals from Microsoft every three months, to make sure the Nokia did not move onto the Android platform.

Nokia has lost a lot of market share and yet the build quality and design of their current phones surpasses the likes of Samsung and other Android manufacturers. The biggest question asked about any smartphone release was “why is this not on Android?” and this echoed through all of Nokia’s launches – it is a great phone, but it would be perfect on Android.

Now, ex-CEO of Nokia Asia/Pacific, Thomas Zilliacus, is preparing to make our dreams come true. With the new company called Newkia (prepare courtroom battles) Zilliacus believes the new team can make the smartphone everyone wanted, with Android.

Zilliacus has already poached some of the talent from the Microsoft buyout, set to take about 32,000 employees from Nokia to Microsoft. The rest of Nokia will work on telecommunications and services, as Stephen Elop steps down as CEO to take over the roll as head of devices at Microsoft.

Currently, Zilliacus and his team are working to grab more talent and start getting investors and manufacturers involved with the company. This is a big move and one we have seen before from ex-Nokia workers, when MeeGo was crushed, the team left Nokia to form Jolla, a company that works on the hardware and software.

Can Newkia actually develop a phone similar to the Nokia Lumia range? With Nokia and Microsoft holding patents – the new company cannot make their smartphone too similar and must not take any patented items from Nokia.


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