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Foap app pays you for photos

Foap, a photo-sharing social network that lets users earn from images they captured, has launched on Android. The app has been around since last year on iOS, but only made it to Google Play today.


Users of the app are given access to what is called the Foap market. This is a place where users can sell said photos to potential buyers. Foap accepts photos captured using the smartphone camera, as well as those that employed other camera applications such as Instagram, Camera plus, Eyeem, Social Cam, and Photo Express. Users are paid via Paypal.

Like other social networks, Foap allows users to comment and rate photos uploaded by other members of the Foap community. Such ratings, it appears, are crucial to making a sale, as it is the community, and not a review team, which decides whether a photo is approved or not. Budding photographers can build their portfolio on Foap with a limitless number of photos. From time to time, Foap features certain photographers on social media. Meanwhile, those who are interested in purchasing photos by Foap users can do so, as well.

Users may also take part in photo missions. As per Foap’s posts on Facebook, these photo missions involve particular themes such as Halloween, fall, funny faces, back to school, chocolate dream, to name a few recent ones. The best photo that captures the essence of the theme is awarded with a prize. Foap also teams up with brands like Mango, Puma, Sony Entertainment, and Mastercard in sponsoring these photo missions. To celebrate Foap’s launch on Android, it has opened a Welcome Mission which new users can enter.

Currently, Foap on Android requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to function. The developer promises, however, that Android 2.3.3 will soon be supported. To date, some Android users have reported bugs in the reviews section, but according to the developer, these alleged glitches are only due to the heavy traffic. Foap is free to download from Google Play. Click here to check it out.

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