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Final Fantasy V for Android to arrive on September 26th

Final Fantasy V for Android will be released on September 26, according to an announcement made by Square Enix Europe on Twitter. Its arrival on Android comes around half a year since the same game was released for iPad and iPhone users in March 2013.

Final Fantasy V for Android
Final Fantasy V for Android

Final Fantasy V for Android features and price

Interested gamers may expect better translation, refined and remodeled graphics, improved controls, new character portraits, and more customization freedom from the Android port. The mobile game trailer further says that within the game, players will be able to select among the added jobs of oracle, gladiator, canoneer, and necromancer. Likewise, the same video teases the coming of the mage Enuo. The game involves five player characters: Bartz Klauser, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, Galuf Doe, Faris Scherwiz, and Krile Mayer Baldesion. It is expected that Final Fantasy V for Android will be sold for $15.99 on Google Play.

Final Fantasy V is one of Square Enix’s best-selling classic medieval fantasy games which had been made available on Nintendo’s Super Famicom, Sony’s PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance in the past. It is part of the Final Fantasy media franchise that has branched out from role-playing games (RPGs) to movies and anime, among others. Among the Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy V is said to be the first to give rise to a sequel. It was first released over two decades ago, but had been immensely popular among gamers, which is why it was released again for mobile users to enjoy.

The upcoming release of Final Fantasy V for Android had been rumored since late last year, so its arrival on Google Play will be very much welcome. Some Square Enix fans, however, may be disappointed that the company is not releasing an entirely new game, but simply an enhanced version of one of its classic titles.

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