Facebook testing auto-play videos on certain Android devices


Facebook is still looking at new ways to maximize profits on the social network and video is starting to become a more loved medium, especially short-videos on Vine and Instagram Video. A recent update on Facebook Mobile will allow some videos to auto-play on the News Feed, but they will be set to mute by default.

This strategy has been used on some news websites and in truth it acts more as an annoyance than anything actually worth checking out. When the user has tabs open, finding that video player, setting it to mute, only to have it restart and play again is infuriating.

Facebook may have a way around this, with mobile there will not be a clutter of tabs open at any one time and the video will only auto-play once the user has scrolled over it. This means if the user wants, they can watch it, if not, they just skim past it.

We are not sure if Facebook will set time limitations and if they will make it auto-repeat once the ad has finished. If Facebook could engineer a way to make the video un-mute if the user does not scroll past and shows interest, that could be a cool idea.

YouTube has made huge ad revenue from videos, but unlike YouTube, Facebook does not have a large video audience and all videos posted on the social network are Vines, Instagram Videos or the odd weird video.


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