Enabling the Galaxy S3 Multi Window Feature

galaxy s3 multi window

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag from Heather regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3 multi window feature. The message reads:

“Hi Droid Guy,

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 from Metro PCS here in Texas. It shows that I am current in my software updates, and I am on the Android 4.1.2 version. However, I never got the multi window. Is there not a simple process to get it on my phone? I read somewhere about rooting and flash drives, but I’m just not that techy! Please help!”

Enabling the Galaxy S3 Multi Window Feature

Looking at the message, it is possible that the feature is already installed in the phone. It’s just that it is not enabled. A few months ago, I discussed a way to enable it, so before doing anything else, you might want to check out this link to my previous article titled How to Enable Multiview in Samsung Galaxy S3. A quick guide on how you can activate the Galaxy S3 multi window feature without rooting or flashing is provided there.

Troubleshooting Issues

Then, if you are experiencing issues in your Galaxy S3 multi window, you may check out the solutions posted under the article titled Galaxy S3 Multi-Window Problem. This will offer you an easy-to-understand troubleshooting guide to fix the trouble.

Installing the Galaxy S3 Multi Window Function

If you are positive that you don’t have the feature, that’s the time for you to consider flashing and modifying your device. To do this, ensure that you have a rooted phone and that all your files are backed up. Then, download the mod file that contains the feature which also corresponds to your device and its carrier.

Next, place the mod file into the root storage of your phone. This means, it should be in your phone’s internal memory. After that, reboot your Galaxy S3 under Recovery Mode. Clear the cache and dalvik cache. Lastly, install the mod file and reboot your phone. For a more detailed guide, check the link under the Resource section located below the article.

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Resource: XDA Developers Forum