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Dynamic Keyboard launching 9/14, a new keyboard that changes shape as you type

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In the world of Android, there are constantly new keyboards being pushed out to Google Play. That’s the beauty of Android-we can fully customize our device down to the core functions. You’ve seen it all: keyboards that are small, keyboards that are big, keyboards that predict every word you type, but you probably haven’t seen something like Dynamic Keyboard.

Dynamic Keyboard is a unique type of keyboard that changes the specific letter shape of a word as you type, making it easier for you to hit the next letter of your predicted word. For example, if I type ‘Triangle’, the letter R would automatically increase the size as soon as I finish typing the letter T, making it easier for me to access the R key and continue typing the word out. Letters that wouldn’t likely to be pressed such as Z would shrink, giving you more room to hit the next key in your word.

As noted by the developer, @AlastairBreeze, the keyboard will be releasing on September 14 on Google Play, and will work with both phones and tablets. You can customize the color, language, shape, and more. Make sure to check out the video below to see the full preview of Dynamic Keyboard.

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