Cota Technology Can Charge Devices Up To 30 Feet Away

Imagine leaving your charger in your bedroom while you are in the living room charging your Android device. This is now possible thanks to Ossia that’s developed  a revolutionary wireless charging system called Cota which can charge multiple devices from as far away as 30 feet without the need for a line of site.

The Cota technology covers the distance of an average two story house and allows a wide range of devices to be charged. Aside from mobile devices it can be used to charge remote controls, cameras, video game controllers, flashlights, smoke detectors and more.

Physicist Hatem Zeine invented this technology saying that he may have come up with the solution to the number one IT grand challenge of 2008 which is never having to manually charge devices.

The technology was showcased at the recently held TechCrunch Disrupt SF where Zeine, who is also the CEO of Ossia, was able to lit LEDs and charge a smartphone from a distance of 10 feet away using a prototype Cota transmitter.

Zeine said that “We have been developing the Cota technology in stealth for the last six years. By revealing for the very first time real wireless power that is remote, efficient and safe, Ossia expects to change everything you think you know about wireless power. Cota will unleash the imagination of product designers and entrepreneurs globally to innovate and create new products that only exist in a completely wireless state – one that is always on and always ready.”

How does this technology work? Cota basically uses a single microwave transmitter operating at the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) bands. This is also the same operating band of Wi-Fi routers. Unlike most of the wireless charging systems which are available, Cota does not require the device to be in close proximity with the charger. This means that a single household can just have one Cota charger.

The microwave power that comes from the transmitter is received on the device receiver and is converted into a form that can be used to charge the device battery or even directly run the device. The charger is enclosed in an 18 inch cube while the receiver is placed inside the device. Once this technology becomes commercially available the receiver will be able to fit into any smartphone or a standard AAA battery.

Initially Cota will be able to provide 1 watt of power (a third of what is available on a USB port) which is enough to charge multiple devices.

The Cota charger automatically detects Cota receivers and delivers signals that are sent omnidirectionally. Even if the device moves across the room it will still receive an uninterrupted stream of signal. The technology is safe and “naturally avoids anything that absorbs energy, such as people, pets and even plants.”

This technology is expected to become available in the market by 2015.

via gizmag

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