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Confirmed: Verizon’s Vivid Blue HTC One Available on Best Buy

A long time ago, HTC and Verizon made a promise that a blue colored version of HTC’s flagship smartphone the HTC One would be on the shelves of Verizon.  If I am not wrong, there are folks out there who have not snatched up the One because of the limited colors it is available in and having one more color – especially something as vivid and outstanding as vivid blue – will definitely warm some people up (sorry, I forget blue is a cool color).  Well, a blue colored version of the beautiful anodized aluminum popular HTC One is for Verizon may already be available on Best Buy.

Verizon HTC One

HTC announced that a Vivid Blue version of the phone will be coming to Verizon network earlier this week but there is a twist to the story as there is word that the vivid blue HTC One will be a Carphone Warehouse exclusive.  Images of the phone have already appeared on the internet and interestingly, a few Best Buy shops have already stocked the Vivid Blue Verizon HTC One.

This is very confusing but it is not something new.  Earlier rumors had indicated that the Vivid Blue HTC One would be available on Verizon when the network launched the phone but later there were rumors that only the silver HTC Ones were available during the Verizon launch because of delay issues.  As a matter of fact, when Verizon launched HTC One, they didn’t even offer the device in two colors – Black and Silver – because of the delays or mix ups – whichever.

If you have been looking forward to a Vivid Blue HTC One, your wait may be over soon as the carrier seems to be in the process of fulfilling that promise.  However, the folks at Droid-Life say that the Vivid Blue HTC One may be available exclusively on best Buy and it could be true.  This is not big deal though for those who actually want the phone, if Vivid Blue is your color then you can just get it from Best Buy.

As a reminder, Verizon launched HTC One last month for a $199.99 price but it was immediately slashed by a number of retailers by as much as $50 off.  Best Buy is selling the phone for the initial $199.99, so if you want a blue one, this is what it will cost you.

Courtesy of Gotta Be Mobile and Droid Life

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