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Chrome apps are heading to Android, iOS

Google’s desktop Chrome apps may be available on mobile devices in the future. The information comes from Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, a project manager for Chrome apps. Roy-Chowdhury recently talked to The Verge and revealed that their target is to have the apps run on all devices where Chrome runs. However, they are prioritizing desktop first because they have more desktop users.

Chrome apps
Chrome apps

What are Chrome apps?

Roy-Chowdhury recognizes that at this point, many consumers still have no clear understanding of what Chrome apps are.
According to the latest post on the Google Chrome blog, this so-called new generation of apps are powerful, fast, and flexible apps that run offline and outside of the Google Chrome browser. They able to connect to the cloud, provide notifications, connect with USB or Bluetooth devices that are attached to the computer, update automatically, and protect users with security features. They can likewise be launched right from one’s desktop for easier and faster access.

Google currently has 50 Chrome apps in its Chrome Web Store. Some of these are Pixlr Touch Up, Wunderlist, and Cracking Sands, Gliffy Diagrams, Type Fu, Entanglement, The Economist, and Pocket.

Advantages of Chrome apps

Roy-Chowdhury explains that bringing Chrome apps to mobile eventually will benefit developers, since they will no longer need to select between building a web app, a native app, or a Chrome app. Instead, they hope that developers will choose building a Chrome app, because it will be able to run on different platforms.

Meanwhile for the consumers, the move will allow them to sync their apps on desktop and mobile devices, and across different operating systems. The Chrome apps will be made available both Google Play and the App Store, says Roy-Chowdhury.
Nonetheless, there is still no definite time when this will happen, according to Roy-Chowdhury. The only thing he can reveal is that it isn’t happening anytime soon.

via theverge

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