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Cell Internet use study results released

New insights on cell Internet use have been published by Pew Research Center. It provides a clearer picture of who the users are, as well as what their habits have proven to be over the past few years.

Cell Internet Use
Cell Internet Use

Cell Internet use

Pew defines cell Internet users as consumers who use a cellphone to go online, whether to browse the Internet or to access e-mail. 60% of cell owners use the Internet on such devices whereas a lower number, 52% use e-mail. 63% of Internet users do either one of these two activities using their mobile phone, representing the percentage of cell Internet users in the United States.

According to Pew’s data, 91% of Americans today own cell phones. 57% of this figure goes online using a mobile device. To be more specific, 56% of American adults currently own a smartphone. Out of this figure, 93% use their mobile device to go online.

These figures represent a dramatic increase over the numbers that were recorded in April 2009. During such time, there was only 31% of total Internet cell use. The number has been growing since, hitting 43% in 2010, 47% in 2011, and 55% in 2012.

Demographics of cell Internet use

Pew’s research reveals that the following groups are more likely to go online than the others included in the survey: young adults between the ages of 18 to 29, non-whites, college-educated, financially well-off, and urban and suburban residents. Also, 34% of cell Internet users reported that they use their cell phone for Internet use instead of other devices like laptop or desktop computers. Only 11%, meanwhile, say that the times they would go online using their cell phone and those in which they would use another device are equal.


Pew’s data on cell Internet use was collected between April 17 to May 19 earlier this year. The study involved 2,252 respondents aged 18 years old and above. It involved 1,127 telephone interviews in English and Spanish. Princeton Survey Research Associates International conducted the interviews.

Check out the results of Pew’s older studies here, here and here.

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