BBM set to launch on Android this Friday, iOS on Saturday

blackberry-messenger-bbmBlackBerry has been silent on launch dates for BBM, the messaging service currently only available on BlackBerry devices, but a new rumor says the company will launch the app on Android this Friday, with the iOS launch happening a day later.

Indonesian website TeknoUp has published an invite to the BBM launch event on Thursday, September 19. BlackBerry is expected to send similar invites out to other countries and launch BBM in full the next day for Android.

Following up from this leak, another source has grabbed information about a timeline BlackBerry has for launching BBM. It will start with a published version on the Google Play store, then the launch of, sending out messages to pre-registrations and then repeat for iOS the next day.

It is a quick move by BlackBerry to get BBM out into the wild and make it a true cross-platform competitor. Even though BBM is way behind in the numbers compared to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, perhaps the name will be enough to grab major support.

The past few weeks have played host to many fake BBM apps cropping up on the Android store, with over 100,000 downloads before Google decided to drop the app from the store for being a fake.

This does show BBM is still alive and in some users minds, an adequate swap for the alternatives. BBM will come in a full package with all the available features and will not just be a barren IM client.