BBM reportedly coming to Android and iOS at the end of next month


BlackBerry announced their messaging service, BBM, would be coming to Android and iOS in the summer. This came as BlackBerry started to think about other options, including the possible sale of the company and assets.

Since the announcement, there has been no release date from BlackBerry and it has got to the point developers are adding fake apps to keep the bubbling community excited. BBM may be ancient in some eyes, but to others it is still the superior messaging service.

According to a Canadian executive at BlackBerry, the app can be expected on both Android and iOS at the end of next month with stocks of new messaging features to compete with popular apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This comes just a few days after BlackBerry set up a landing page for BBM enthusiasts, to sign-up for quick email alerts. The landing page also revealed BlackBerry intentions had changed, from making this a simple cross-platform IM client to a fully-fledge messaging service on Android and iOS.

With the recent movements in BlackBerry, including a possible spin-off subsidiary of BBM, it is clear why the company is now focusing on the two largest platforms. Google has done this for quite some time and it has made them a ton of advertising dollars and usage points.

If BlackBerry wants to stay relevant, this may be the way to go about it. BBM is still a popular service for BlackBerry users and we believe many will want to try it out if it hits Android and iOS. We believe BlackBerry’s goal is to make BBM a success and possibly sell it off.


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