BBM for Android gets delayed further


The BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iOS was set to go live today, but it seems like some unforeseen issues have caused a delay. Instead, there are plenty of fake BBM apps making its way to the Play Store which have fooled users worldwide. And now, BlackBerry has come up with a word on the delay of its new app with a short message on Facebook. It read – “Thanks for your patience. Working hard to get you the real BBM ASAP. We’ll let you know when it is live.”

But Phone Arena is reporting that a few users have been able to download the BBM app for their iPhones in New Zealand, so this seems to be an Android only issue for now. I personally tried searching for the app on the Play Store to no avail. What I saw instead was a plethora of fakes pretending to be the real deal. We’re hoping BlackBerry manages to get its act together and roll out the app as soon as possible.

Source: BlackBerry (Facebook)

Via: Phone Arena

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  1. I just pinged my wife’s blackberry from my Note and it definitely still works. From my s3 is disabled. The only difference is that on my Note I registered with my original BB id that I created 5 years ago when I got my first Blackberry.

  2. Jake I had the app installed yesterday on my droid, it was working perfectly then it was not. My wife too has a BB and my ims are not getting to her and hers not to me. BB have definately disabled it.

  3. Yeah, I heard that but is is not that straightforward. Installing is disabled as it will send you to the ‘subscribe to find out when we will roll out’ webpage instead of letting you register. However, on my Note I registered with my existing bb id yesterday and that is still working (pinging my wife’s BB). This leads me to believe that the only problem is volume – and I really don’t know if you can roll out something staged / per country in Google Apps.

  4. BB have disabled all the leaked versions of the APK, they are blaming the users that installed the leaked APK for the delay.

  5. So, Valerie Richardson, do releases on Google Play normally get rolled out gradually? If so, then all is normal and Blackberry screwed up not planning for this. Or can apps on Google Play instantly become available worldwide? And is that the goal with Blackberry Messenger?

    Any blogger can do what you did here. A journalist would help us to understand the pertinent issues.

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