No Audio Coming Through Galaxy Note 2 HDMI When Connected To HDTV

galaxy note hdmiThe Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can share multimedia files to HDTV via HDMI port. While the setup is straightforward, there were reports about problems that may occur during porting and they vary from very simple to very complicated ones. Among them is the “no audio” issue. To make it a little clearer, this post will deal with one problem only.

According to emails we received from our readers, no audio can be heard from the HDTV when they try to view some videos from their Galaxy Note 2. Here is an email message that describes the problem well:

Hey Guys,

I recently bought a smart TV primarily for entertainment purposes. My friend showed when I was in their house once that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can share multimedia files, i.e. videos, photos, etc., using a special cable. I went to an electronic store and found what they call an HDMI adapter. When I connected it the video showed but there is no audio whatsoever. Can you help me with it? Thanks.

Possible Causes & Resolution

We haven’t been able to verify the kind of cable our reader used as he didn’t reply to our message. However, based on reports from other owners, the following are the possible causes whey there is no audio coming out of the speakers of the HDTV when the Galaxy Note 2 is connected via the HDMI adapter:

Volume is turned down to the minimum level. Perhaps there is no problem at all, you may have just turned down the volume causing the audio to be inaudible. Thus, the first logical step you should do is check the volume of both the Galaxy Note 2 and you HDTV. If you’re sure that both have the volumes set to a level that’s audible, then proceed to the next step.

The video natively does not have audio. One way to know that the video you might want to share with your HDTV has audio, play it on the Note 2. If you can hear sounds, then the video is fine, otherwise, you might want to double-check on your video rather than troubleshooting your setup.

Temporary device issue. To eliminate this, consider rebooting your Galaxy Note 2, or better yet, soft-reset it by taking the battery out for a minute, then turn the phone back on.

Firmware needs updating. Check to see if there is an available update for your device, if there is, update it and re-check the audio after that. Otherwise, continue with the troubleshooting.

Incorrect HDMI adapter in use for your device. After checking your device and still the audio does not come on, you might want to consider taking a look at the cable you’re using. There must be some specs data that came with it, try to check if the specs are compatible with the specs of your device. Secondly, you might also consider doing a physical check to see if there is a physical problem with the cable. Lastly, you might be connected to an HDMI port on your HDTV that does not support audio. Or you are using an adapter to convert a non-HDMI port to an HDMI port.

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