ASUS to manufacture the 2013 Nexus 10: Leak

ASUS Nexus 10

It seems like ASUS will be taking over the Nexus 10 series after the Samsung made tablet from 2012 failed to sell. An employee at Curry’s PC World in the UK has revealed an internal system image showing the ASUS made Nexus 10 with a price tag of £349.99 ($565). The storage variants weren’t disclosed, but it’s pretty legit information coming through from the retailer. Of course, we’re still far away from an actual launch so it would be unwise to jump to conclusions just yet.

Strangely though, the head of Android Sundar Pichai spoke about a Samsung made Nexus 10 tablet a few months ago. Perhaps the plans changed at the last minute or this UK retailer is not well informed, but the prospects of a Samsung made Nexus 10 tablet look pretty grim now. The leakster also revealed an October/November release date for the tablet, which is when we expect the LG Nexus 5 to be launched as well.

ASUS is well known for its hardware and has successfully manufactured two 7 inch Nexus tablets. So the added responsibility of manufacturing the 10 inch Nexus tablet, shouldn’t come as a burden for the company. We’ll await further confirmation from Google and ASUS on this.

Source: @Rage06 (Twitter)

Via: AusDroid