Asian variants of the Galaxy Note 3 free from region locking

Galaxy Note 3

We heard about Samsung’s region locking controversy yesterday for European Galaxy Note 3 smartphones. But it seems like those restrictions are only imposed on European variants of the smartphone as Asian variants don’t seem to have region locking in place. So users around the world are safe to import the Galaxy Note 3 out of Asia, but not Europe. It’s still not clear as to why Samsung does it in the first place.

An Australian retailer apparently is able to use Galaxy Note 3s shipped out from Hong Kong without much fuss and they don’t seem to have the warning label either, so it’s evident that these restrictions don’t apply to Asian or Australian variants. So if customers are willing on roaming overseas with the Galaxy Note 3, it seems like getting an Asian variant is the only solution. Although region locking could be fixed with the help of the vast developer community at our disposal, it’s certainly not worth the trouble. We eagerly hope Samsung tries to fix this issue on its own rather than having the users spend hours on forums looking for a workaround.

Source: Ausdroid

Via: Phone Arena