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Android KitKat Have a Seat promo kicks off

Nestle has launched the Android KitKat Have A Seat promo to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Up for grabs are Nexus 7 (2013) tablets. Nestle is giving out such tablets to people who are sitting on a special bench at the particular time indicated in the campaign.

Android KitKat Have A Seat
Android KitKat Have A Seat

According to JWT Amsterdam, the marketing agency which collaborated with Nestle for the campaign in the Netherlands, one of the people who sat on the benches was offered money just to leave the spot and forfeit the prize. Another winner related that he skipped eating or drinking before sitting on the KitKat bench to avoid needing to go to the bathroom. Other participants were given coffee by bystanders so that they could stay warm while waiting for the specified time. A video showing the promo is now live on YouTube. The video does not say whether the promo will be done in other cities, as well.

The Android KitKat Have A Seat campaign is just one of the most recent campaigns to promote the operating system. Earlier this month, the details of a contest involving specially-marked Android KitKat chocolate bars had been published online. Such contest also has the new Nexus 7 tablet as the grand prize. Other prizes include Google Play credit and pouches of KitKat Minis.

Android has not held similar promotions in the past, as it had never been involved in a marketing tie-up with a company like Nestle. Its recent announcement that it had partnered with the chocolate manufacturer was met with varied responses, but it did get the attention that the company had been hoping for.

To date, not much has been revealed bout the latest iteration of Android. Rumors, however, are floating around regarding its possible features. Among these are Miracast updates, new gallery visualization, new APIs regarding animations, new notification widgets, and firmware availability to older phones, tablets, and other Android-based devices. A few days ago, a Nestle employee also said that Android KitKat will be released in October.

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