Android App Updates to Get: YouTube, Gmail and Hangouts

Most of us have set our Android devices to automatically check for updates on the Google Play Store to get push notifications whenever there are updates to any apps they have installed.  However, every once in a while, there are some updates that cause more problems and may have numerous bugs, just like Skype’s latest update which users complain have more bugs than the previous version.  Anyway, if you have set updates to manual or check each update to know if it’s worth the update, then here are three newest Google Apps updates that you will find beneficial – you have to update these apps this time.

Hangouts: Finally, ‘Online’ status is improved

Google Hangouts

When Google replaced Google Talk on Android with Hangouts, the app seemed to have teething issues, but it was still fully functional.  Anyway, the biggest problem it has had is the use of a green barely visible line under a contact’s name to show when they are online.  The new update brings small colored and more visible dots to show the statuses of users on the chat list.  However, despite the green line showing whether the user is online, it is a feature that most users complained about and Google has listened.

When you update – manually or when the update rolls out – you will see a small green icon next to the contact to indicate they are online.  However, on the downside, the capability to select several availability statuses as Talk has been removed but I guess it isn’t as important as the new additions that include:

  • Pinch-to-zoom photos
  • Contacts can now be organized by Suggested People, People you Hangout with and Other Contacts.
  • Long pressing a contact in the new Hangout app hides them
  • It is easier to find invites now since they are placed just above conversations.

You can download the Hangout app update on Google Play Store here.


Gmail: A better look, many tweaks


Google will be rolling out updates to Gmail over the next couple of days bringing a new Gmail app design on the conversation window.  There are tons of design tweaks that all add up to a major update especially for those that wish they could select multiple emails on the screen, see an indicator to show when sync is ON or OFF and find that Delete and Archive appearing by default harmless will appreciate it.

Gmail for Android requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later.  You can download the app (or updated app) on Google Play Store here.


YouTube: Introducing new ad spaces and video notifications

YouTube Logo

If you love to use the YouTube app to watch videos online, then you will appreciate it that the new update brings notifications but it also adds more ad spaces on the first list of videos that appear when the app is launched.  There is no complete changelog, but you will notice how the new features are revealed in the new update – but if you are concerned about data mining, you may want to know more about what the new app brings.

You can download the new Gmail app by following this link.

Source: Google Play Store via Talk Android and GSM Arena