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Alcatel Follows Up with Fourth IDOL Phone: The Idol Alpha


Alcatel has been very busy making enough handsets to stop itself from feeling like a tiny unnoticeable blob within the huge Android crowd this year, and recently we are hearing more about what these handsets are.

So far we already know about the rest of the IDOL range, but it seems Alcatel want to give the spotlight to their main man in the IDOL series, the IDOL Alpha.

The Alpha is the fourth announced IDOL handset and is looking to play the role of the flagship for the IDOL range, despite it having a bigger brother, the IDOL X.

In terms of hardware, the IDOL range so far has not been incredibly impressive, and this trend is carried on through the IDOL Alpha. The Alpha sports a 1280×720 4.7 inch IPS LCD panel and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Inside the Alpha hides a so-far un-named 1.2GHz processor and a 12.1 megapixel camera. RAM details were not specified, but judgding by the IDOL X’s similar hardware, it’s likely the Alpha will have 1GB. The IDOL Alpha will also come with 16GB storage and a 2000mAh battery.

So in terms of hardware, screen size and quality, the new IDOL range really doesn’t sound that spectacular. In fact, I doubt Alcatel have much up their sleeves in terms of software either.

Alcatel does have a few things that no other current Android handset has though, and these are all on display in the IDOL Alpha.

For example, the IDOL Alpha will be protected by a reinforced Dragontail Glass, a type of glass that does a good job at not cracking and manages to stop fingerprints smudging up the screen. Sounds nice, but unless you really like eating sticky things like doughnuts whilst using your phone,  I don’t really think this will sway you to purchase the IDOL Alpha.

Secondly, the IDOL Alpha will have a Black Crystal touch panel. I can’t seem to find out what this actually is, but once again I doubt it’s something worth getting excited for.

Finally, the Alpha will also have pretty light-up edges that react differently depending on what you are doing to it. For example, it may change color when you charge your phone, and it might blink a different color when you receive a notification. This is an inventive feature that allows you to see how your phone is doing without you having to stoop over it.

I commend Alcatel for trying to please the smartphone crowd by attempting to reinvent some of the features that all smartphones have, and although the hardware is far from the high end, with a decent price the Alpha could prove to be a decent purchase.

Source: Androidcommunity

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