3D Virtual Tabletop raises over 1000% of funding goal

The 3D Virtual Tabletop project on Kickstarter has currently raised $50,392 of its $5,000 goal on the crowdfunding website. This is a thousand times more than what they asked for to make the cross-platform tabletop application a reality. The Kickstarter fundraiser ends in a few hours, after 45 days of being live.


A project by Brendon Duncan of Christchurch, New Zealand, 3D Virtual Tabletop puts a spin on the traditional pen and paper roleplaying or strategy games. Among the games that can be played through 3D Virtual Tabletop are Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, Rolemaster Classic, Castles & Crusades or Call of Cthulhu. 3D Virtual Tabletop will be made available for Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and on Mac and Windows web browsers.

3D Virtual Tabletop claims to offer realistic visual representations of game miniatures. It also ensures that navigating the map is both easy and intuitive. One note that the developer makes, however, is that 3D Virtual Tabletop will run more smoothly on high-end devices.

Already, the team of developers have released a demo that boasts of features like viewing the tabletop from different angles, importing the user’s own maps and miniatures, as well as changing the minis to flat tokens when the user chooses the birds-eye view.
• More features will be released after the Kickstarter project. These include a map and miniature marketplace, customized user accounts, as well as cross-platform sharing. Paid content from a long list of sources will be released, as well. Furthermmore, plenty of other content and features for those who pledge on the Battalion plus level will be made available. Some of these are Hidden miniatures, Silhouette shape for miniature card, Rangefinding, Google+ Hangout integration, custom dice, among others.
In the future, 3D Virtual Tabletop will cost gamers $0.99 per month. The developers promise to offer more features in the future, depending on what its community wishes to be prioritized.

You can still add your contribution to the project before it officially closes. Head over to Kickstarter by clicking on this link. You can also check out the demo here.

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