Over 20 tablets running on Intel’s Bay Trail chip will launch in 2013

Intel Bay Trail

Intel has just shed some light on the future of its Bay Trail mobile chipset for Android, and it seems like we might see them in action sooner than expected. Intel mentioned that over 20 Android tablets running on the Bay Trail chip will be launched before the end of the holiday shopping season, so we might have some interesting devices to look forward to. This list also includes a few super cheap sub $100 tablets. Of the 20 Bay Trail tablets that will launch this year, only 12 will be running on Android apparently with the remaining featuring Windows 8.

The Bay Trail chipset brings improved power management compared to the current lot of Clover Trail and Clover Trail+ devices, which essentially means longer usage times for the users. Intel refrained from giving out specifics about these devices, but we should know in due time.

It’s almost clear now that Intel will want to focus on the low end marketshare which is ruled by Google’s Nexus 7. Although these Bay Trail tablets won’t exactly offer the versatility of a stock Android tablet, the pricing will be crucial.

Via: Android Community