White Nexus 4 re-appears on UK retailer website


After dropping the white Nexus 4 from the US Google Play store, it has re-appeared on Expansys, a UK retailer who has managed to grab hold of stock after Google said the limited time offer had finished.

The only place with white Nexus 4 stock sold out is the US, whereas other places like the UK and Canada are just getting the new smartphone colour choice, almost 8 months into the smartphones life.

Technically the only difference between the black and white version is the different coat of paint. Personally we love the black version with the texture only seen in certain light, but that is just personal preference and we are sure many have grabbed the white Nexus 4.

Currently, Expansys is only selling the 16GB version of the white Nexus 4, for £309 ($480) off contract. There is no word on an 8GB version, Google always seemed to sell out of 8GB units quick and all that was left was the 16GB version.

If you are in the UK and still have not picked up a white Nexus 4, now may be a good time to do it. It is still priced the same as it was at launch and with rumours of the new Nexus smartphone being developed by Motorola for release in Q4 this year, it may be worth waiting a few months to grab the latest Nexus.

Source: Expansys

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