Whatsapp announces 300M users, voice messaging feature

Whatsapp now has 300 million users. The company hit this milestone just around six weeks after the same hit its 250 million active monthly user mark.


Whatsapp Achievements

Whatsapp, which evidently loves statistics, also announced that 11 billion messages are sent via the app on a daily basis. An even greater number, 20 million, of such messages are received. This is because some messages are sent to more than one person.  A couple of months ago, Whatsapp stated that was able to relay 27 billion messages in just 24 hours. Furthermore, 325 million photos are sent via the app daily. This figure surpasses the number reported by Snapchat which supposedly has 200 million photos sent on a daily basis.

Back to Whatsapp: it is estimated that Germany, Mexico, India and Spain each have 20 million users of the app. In Brunei, Whatsapp is said to have 70 percent penetration, whereas in Hongkong, it has 50 percent penetration.

To celebrate the 300-million-user achievement, Whatsapp introduces a new voice messaging feature. This feature is available on Whatsapp’s Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia apps. The voice messaging feature will roll out in 24 hours’ time to users.

Whatsapp Voice Messaging Service Features

Whatsapp says that what sets its voice messaging service apart from the other available is its ease of use. For example, compared to the Facebook messaging app, which needs three taps to send a voice message, Whatsapp requires only one tap. The recorded message is automatically sent once the user stops pressing the record button. On the other hand, if the user does not want to send the message, all it takes is a swipe to the left. This action deletes the recorded message.
The voice messaging feature also boasts of an unlimited recording time. Moreover, the volume of the message is automatically adjusted depending on whether the receiver is listening to it from a short distance, or right up against the ear. Lastly, a microphone image indicates that the receiver has played the voice message.

Currently, Whatsapp contends with various other messaging apps, which more consumers are preferring over SMS. Some of these are FB Messenger, KakaoTalk, Line, Pinger, and WeChat, among others. With the growing competition, Whatsapp needs to continue introducing innovations to maintain user loyalty.

via allthingsd