Verizon preparing to launch HTC One in blue


With news coming that Verizon may not launch the HTC One until mid-August, we may see the carrier make up for it with a new blue version of the One, giving buyers more choice, if they haven’t already purchased the three month old smartphone.

The HTC One was one of the most loved devices by consumers and reviewers alike, with huge customer satisfaction and reviews hitting the top mark, but Verizon decided to hold off releasing the phone, available on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

New inventory on the system shows ‘HTC6500LVWBLU – HTC One in Blue’, surprisingly, Verizon decided to pick blue over red. The red version of the HTC One is going to Sprint on August 16.

Rumours of a blue HTC One have been flying around since mid-May, but this may be the first signs of it actually coming to markets. With HTC’s slow start getting the flagship device out for the first few months, we can see why they stuck to white and black.

Verizon has been one of the worst carriers when it comes to new devices that aren’t Droid’s or available only on their service. The iPhone took a while to come to their service and they have been slow to adopt new devices on all three other carriers.

That hasn’t stopped them climbing to the top of the carrier charts for subscribers, defeating the telecommunications giant AT&T. Their LTE-service has help a lot in grabbing subscribers from all over the US.

We hope the HTC One comes sooner rather than later, although the amount of people who wanted the phone and decided to go for another carrier has made Verizon’s market on the HTC One minimal.

Source: Phone Arena

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