Verizon Motorola Droid Ultra already sold out at Best Buy


The Motorola Droid Ultra, sold on Verizon Wireless, has already sold out at Best Buy. The new smartphone, packed with an incredible battery and Motorola’s new software features, seems to have be a hit with consumers.

Either that or the Best Buy stock is pretty short at launch, with more expected to fill the gap in due time. With recent smartphone launches selling out incredibly fast, we have to take the idea the Motorola Droid is selling very well with a pinch of salt.

The Droid Ultra is a compelling device though and Verizon Wireless has done well with the brand, selling it to millions of consumers throughout the years. This line of Droid’s are all made by Motorola and all feature the 720p display and X8 Motorola chipset found on the Moto X.

This move by Motorola is simple, sell a smartphone with over a day battery life and make sure it works with Google’s new software features, including Touchless Control, Active Display, Moto Assist and Quick Capture.

Best Buy has not announced when stock will be back and obviously has not revealed how many units they got from Verizon initially. The Droid Ultra is the flagship Droid this year, with the Droid MAXX for power users and the Droid Mini for people who want a condensed screen size.

Source: Best Buy

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