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Verizon LG G2 comes with “exclusive” wireless charging feature

Verizon LG G2

Verizon has been in the news today and here it is again. According to reports, the Verizon branded LG G2 smartphone will come with a carrier exclusive wireless charging (Qi) feature. This could perhaps explain the slight change in design compared to other variants, especially for the buttons on the back. Maybe this is Verizon’s way of making up for those annoying logos on the smartphone which is standard for most of its smartphones. The information was picked up from the Verizon product page, as LG didn’t mention this during the NYC announcement.

We’re not sure why LG couldn’t have made this feature available by default on all variants so as to not give an unfair advantage to just one carrier. We’ve seen Motorola do this for the Moto X with the AT&T variant getting access to the Moto Maker customization website, while the rest of the carriers are selling it as it is.

Will this affect your decision to buy the G2 on another carrier?

Source: Verizon

Via: Android And Me

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