Verizon Droid Ultra & Maxx will launch on August 20


Verizon has been hit by a few delays to the HTC One and Moto X, but the Droid Ultra and Maxx will all launch on August 20. Verizon Wireless PR announced this today, after rumours started on the Droid line being delayed.

The official word is that anyone who has pre-ordered before the Verizon Wireless website said there would be delays will get the smartphone on August 20, the same date it will be in stores for purchase.

For anyone who wants to get the phone on pre-order now, they will have to wait until August 27. This is also true for online buyers when the phone is released on August 20, it seems Verizon Wireless will stock the shops but not the online stores.

As for the Droid Mini, the word is that it will still launch on August 29, nine days after the two other Droid’s from Motorola. We are assured there will be no hiccups on this line, with the Droid Mini launching on the same day as the Moto X.

Verizon has a good line up for this August and September, even though the HTC One is late to the action. Verizon Wireless will offer a blue HTC One exclusively to customers, but for the Moto X they will not have the exclusive rights to Moto Maker, AT&T currently has this exclusive package.

Source: Android Community

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