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Unlocked LG G2 now available for pre-order


The LG G2 will be available on all four major carriers in the US, but with no date on the release, it is hard to say when the pre-orders will actually start shipping, although we hope it is before the end of August.

For anyone who does not want to get tied down a contract, Negri Electronics has added an unlocked version of the LG G2 to their online store. This is available for pre-order with a September 27 release date, a little later than we suspected.

The model is 32GB and Negri Electronics is asking for $619 for the LG G2. This is a fair price for a flagship smartphone with 32GB of storage and we can certainly see the reason for picking a $619 off contract phone, compared to the price of a two year contract with $199 up front.

We are glad to see an off contract alternative before the four major carriers are even offering pre-orders. The colour option is only black and white on Negri Electronics, the same as it will be for the four major carriers, unless one of them gets an exclusive colour option.

LG G2 is a questionable device, with back-buttons and some odd user experience touches by LG, it seems like a phone trying to be a Samsung phone. Samsung does have crappy software and makes some gimmicky moves, but the hardware is incredible. This is the same with the LG G2, with an incredible display and design.

Source: Negri Electronics

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