UK retailer Very starts selling the Nexus 7 earlier than Google Play


The UK release date for the new Nexus 7 has not been revealed by Google yet, but UK retailer Very has already starting selling the new stock Android tablet, with three day delivery.

This may just be an error on the Very page, since it an online site, we cannot find out if they have stocked it in store. No other retailer has put this out for delivery yet and we have no indication that Very has got some exclusive deal with Google regarding the Nexus 7.

Very is currently only selling the 4G Nexus 7 for £299 ($460), quite a bit more expensive than the US version, at $369. We have to take into account import charges and VAT, but it still a heap more expensive. EE will be the only carrier offering the 4G LTE package, with no other carrier utilising LTE.

The WiFi edition is likely to cost £229 for the 32GB model and £179 for the 16GB model. The Google Play store may offer free All Access for a few months when the Nexus 7 is bought, a deal we have heard Verizon is trying to grab.

Regarding other recently announced Google items, the Moto X will not be coming to the UK, but we believe the Chromecast is coming sometime at the end of this year, for £20 – 30.

Source: Very