Ubuntu Phone Touch lock screen now available on Android


Ubuntu Phone OS was first spotted at CES, where Canonical decided to unveil their new mobile project to make another open source mobile platform, with a gesture based user interface.

For a while it all went quiet, then Canonical launched Ubuntu Edge on IndieGogo, asking for $27 million in funding to get the first Ubuntu Phone on the market. the Ubuntu Edge would be able to use Ubuntu Phone OS, Android OS and Ubuntu desktop OS.

Still we wait for Ubuntu Phone OS, but one developer has taken it upon himself to recreate the home-screen for desperate Android users and fans of the Ubuntu Phone design. An XDA Senior Member has created an emulated look, available on the Google Play store today.

The Ubuntu lock screen will not allow the gestures like Ubuntu Phone OS, but it has the same type of functionality. To open the phone, the user swipes from the right to the left, the same as they would on Ubuntu Phone.

This is currently in beta and while the emulation is a clever application, it just makes us want to try out Ubuntu all the more. Canonical showed a feature on Ubuntu Edge that would make it easy to hop from Android to Ubuntu, could we not see this implemented the Google Play store, as a launcher or ROM.

Source: XDA

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