Ubuntu Edge will not reach goal with current pace


The Ubuntu Edge is one of the most ambitious moves on IndieGogo, with a $27 million funding campaign and no flexible campaign goal, it is pushing the limit on just how much support a crowdsourcing website can give.

Sadly, it seems Canonical has failed, with just two weeks to go the Ubuntu Edge still has yet to gain two-thirds of its campaign goal, currently sitting at a reasonable $9 million funding.

Recently the campaign gained its first industry backer, Bloomberg. With the funding Canonical decided to start selling the Ubuntu Edge for $695 instead of $830.

The Ubuntu Edge is the most advanced mobile we have seen, it comes with Ubuntu mobile OS and Android OS pre-loaded onto the smartphone, but when plugged into a display, it will run Ubuntu desktop OS.

To do this, Canonical will be adding powerful new components into the device, including a top of the line processor (likely octo-core), 4GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. The phone will have a 1280 x 720 resolution and camera with great low light sensors.

IndieGogo has not been as big as Kickstarter and we question why the company did not go onto the bigger crowd-funding website. We have seen Pebble and Ouya both become products from Kickstarter and these were high-end goals, the Ubuntu Edge may have done better on Kickstarter.

Whatever the case, unless Canonical can get some real industry backers in the next few days and sell a few thousand more phones, they will not hit their goal. Even if 10 industry backers purchase the large $80,000 package, it will only amount to $800,000.

Canonical may downgrade the price a little to reach their goal or we may see them add a new huge tier funding goal, perhaps for retailers to sell the smartphone. This would be a good option but we wonder if they will actually have any buyers willing to chip in $500,000 or even $1 million to the cause.

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