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Ubuntu Edge smartphone fails to reach $32M goal

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone was unable to reach its fixed funding goal of $32 million on Indiegogo. Its campaign to fund the dual OS device ended today. Canonical, the team behind the Ubuntu Edge smartphone, says that that despite the failure, the campaign brought about many positive things.



Canonical thanked its backers, which number around 20,000. The backers of the Ubuntu Edge raised a total of $12,809,906 in funds. This allowed them to break the record for the largest amount of funds pledged in a crowdfunding campaign. However, given that the campaign was a failure, the Pebble smartwatch campaign, which raised $10.2 million, holds the record for the largest amount of funds raised.

In its statement on the crowdfunding website, Canonical revealed that its backers are composed not just of individuals, but companies, as well. Bloomberg LP, for instance, their largest contributor, pledged $80,000 for the campaign. Other smaller businesses likewise pledged $7,000 each.

Canonical also expressed its gratitude to the Ubuntu community for their support. The Ubuntu community, according to Canonical, promoted support for the mobile device through websites, mailing lists, and social media.

This huge amount of support that the Ubuntu Edge smartphone received showed that plenty of people want Ubuntu on their mobile devices. Canonical assured consumers that this fact will not go unnoticed. In the coming year, they expect other Ubuntu-based handsets to be released. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth even stated in an interview with The Guardian that some manufacturers have already shown interest in producing affordable smartphones with Ubuntu Mobile OS. There is no mention, however, of another upcoming smartphone that runs both Android and Ubuntu Mobile OS.


Canonical had earlier announced that if the ambitious $32 million goal is not met, the company would not produce the Ubuntu Edge. All funding contributed to the campaign would be returned. In the most recent update on Indiegogo, the company announced that the refunds will be sent via Paypal, and will be processed within five working days.

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