Ubuntu Edge now selling for $695 on IndieGogo


After yet another price change, Canonical will now be selling the Ubuntu Edge at $695 to IndieGogo backers. With the original highest price at $830, it seems Canonical has changed their mind and went to a lower scale, possibly to gain more backers in the last two weeks of the campaign, after an incredible start.

This has been a huge project by Canonical, who wanted $27,000,000 from backers to fund the Ubuntu Edge. They currently have around $9 million of the total amount, a little underwhelming considering there is only two weeks left.

We may have seen something happen behind the scenes on this campaign however, this price drop was citied as a result of “major industry backing” for the Ubuntu Edge. We may see the Ubuntu Edge reach its goal elsewhere, even if the IndieGogo campaign fails to reach its full target.

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to the Ubuntu Edge, being able to pre-load Android or Ubuntu OS and being able to plug the Ubuntu Edge into a display and use the desktop Ubuntu operating system is incredible on its own, but then Canonical have created a gorgeous device with specs that crush what Samsung and other Android partners are offering.

Still, there is a trip for Canonical to go down and even then we may not see them succeed. It is all up to this final two week push and we believe Canonical will be trying very hard to get industry figures investing in the Ubuntu Edge.