Track Android Phone That Has Been Lost With AndroidLost

track android phoneAndroidLost is a mobile application packed with features that will let you track Android phone that has been lost, stolen or simply misplaced. It is an app developed by Theis Borg and it is available in Google Play store for free. However, availing of its premium version will cost you.

AndroidLost Track Android Phone Features

AndroidLost has many features that will let you track Android phone. Here is a quick rundown of them:

  • SMS retrieval
  • Phone wipe
  • Phone lock
  • SD card eraser
  • GPS locator
  • Remote alarm
  • Call forwarding
  • Phone status display
  • Connectivity controls
  • Take pictures using front and back cameras
  • Text-to-speech
  • Use voice commands
  • Launcher can be hidden

AndroidLost Track Android Phone Benefits

Many users of the app praised it for its plenty of features and functionality. There have been many instances wherein a lost phone has been found using this, including stolen devices. Another great thing about the app is that it does not drain the battery. This is because it does not perform polling to a server.

In addition, this is really easy to use and easy to install. A step-by-step guide has been provided in its official website for the benefit of its users.

Overall this app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times and almost all the reviews have been positive with a majority of users giving it 5 stars. It amassed an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from all its users.

AndroidLost Track Android Phone Disadvantages

Some users complain about the poor customer service of the product though. They say that it takes too long for their issues to be resolved and others even state that their complaints in the forum of the product’s official website have been ignored.

Moreover, bugs have been reported and a number of users easily miss the registration of their products because the product page of the app in the Google Play store does not mention it. Then, there are compatibility issues as well with other less popular Android devices.


Despite some complaints of this app to track Android phone, it is very much recommended due to its features, effectiveness, high customer reviews and user-friendly interface. Above all, the app comes for free.