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Track Android Phone – All You Have To Know About the Tools

track android phones

Track Android phone tools are very helpful for people who always misplace their smartphones, especially if they own one of the best android phones on the market right now, like the Galaxy S4, or the upcoming Moto X. These tools are also great for finding missing or stolen phones.

Due to the very small sizes of many smartphones nowadays, it is very easy to misplace them. Most of the time, it takes up too much of our precious time to find them because these devices can easily fit in any area. It is very annoying to note too that we sometimes arrive at an important appointment late or we miss out important messages due to this issue. But with the hardware or software to track Android phone, you can now say goodbye to all the hassles involved in looking for a misplaced phone.

Smartphones are very easy target for thieves as well due to their value. In addition, these devices are very easy to sell. But sometimes, it’s not really the value of the gadget that really matters. What is really scary about a stolen phone is that thieves will have a way of accessing our personal and financial information stored there, which can be used against the original owner. But then again, using a tool to track Android phone can prevent this.

What is a Track Android Phone Tool

A track Android phone tool can come in hardware, software or a combination of both. It can track Android phone whether it is stationary or mobile. As mentioned, it can be used to find a missing phone due to a simple forgetfulness on the part of the user or due to thievery. It can be used to monitor the whereabouts of a person too.

How a Track Android Phone Tool Works

Locating a device using this software or hardware is made possible by utilizing the multilateration technique in detecting several radio signals between the radio towers of a specific mobile carrier and the phone.

According to Wikipedia, multilateration is a type of navigation that measures the difference in terms of distance of multiple signal-emitting stations at a determined period. Then, the points are plotted in a hyperbolic curve to represent the possible locations of the targeted device. After that, a second measurement takes place to give off another curve. The point where the two curves meet produces a “fix” which is the most likely location of the Android phone being tracked.

Global Positioning System or GPS is another method used to track Android phones. This makes use of low orbiting satellites to predict the location of a smartphone by pinpointing the signal it transmits.

Based on the same source, the usual GPS operation makes use of four or more satellites. These produce spheres that are then computed using the navigational equations to precisely predict the latitude and longitude of the smartphone being monitored.

Key Benefits of Track Android Phone Tools

Tools to track Android phones have been very beneficial for people who keep on forgetting where they last placed their smartphones. This has been very helpful in solving crimes and apprehending cell phone thieves as well.

Moreover, these are being used to monitor people such as partners, children and employees. Several individuals have been successful in catching their cheating partners using this. Parents have been able to monitor and protect their children from the bad elements of the society with this tool also. Some companies employ these to continuously track down shipments, employee whereabouts and to monitor operations crucial to the company.

Numerous tools that provide ways to track Android phone are equipped with additional functions for the purpose of monitoring individuals such as call and environment listening, text message and email retrieval, viewing stored videos and photos, plus many more.

Track Android Phone Tool Compatibility

Most track Android phone software can work on various operating systems such as Windows and Mac OSX for computers and laptops. Almost all of these tools are also capable of operating on non-Android platforms like the iOS, Blackberry and Symbian. Many of these can be used for tablets as well.

Where to Buy Track Android Phone Products



The software or hardware to track Android phone can be found on reputable online stores like Amazon, eBay and Google Play. You can also purchase and download them directly from their official product websites.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Track Android Phone Product

To make sure that you will be able to get the right track Android phone product, there are factors that you have to think about first. This section will give you an idea about how to find the ideal track Android tool for you.

Here are the factors that you have to consider before buying a track Android phone product:

1. Your Requirements

The first thing that you should think about before buying this is your requirements. Questions pertaining to what device will you use it on and what is your purpose for using one should be considered. This is because there are many types of these tools. Getting one with less or more than what you are expecting can prove to be such a waste and you will never fully optimize it.

If you are looking for a product that will only help you find your phone at home on a regular basis or you just want to ensure that you can locate your phone in times of theft, just stick with the one that has basic tracking features. But if you are trying to catch someone off guard, you may opt for the product that includes call listening, message retrieval, stored file viewing and others.

2. Budget

Then, keep in mind the budget that you have. Almost all the good tools to track Android phone come with a price. A brand with a good reputation, plenty of features and great quality will likely come with a cost. There are a few of these that come for free though but prepare to be annoyed by the ads that come with it, limited functionality, few features, glitches and a bunch of other nuisances.

3. Features

Match your requirements and budget with the features of the product. This is in order for you to avoid spending your money on something that you will not make a good use of. But of course, to maximize your satisfaction, always choose the product that will not only come with the things that you need but with plenty of other useful features as well. You have to choose a product that is easy to use also so you can take full advantage of its potentials.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is whether the features are compatible with your phone, operating system or with your carrier. Incompatibility with the things mentioned will only render the tool useless.

4. Customer Support

See to it that the product has a reliable Customer Support section. This will help you answer questions or get over the problems associated with the product. Check if the developer or manufacturer of the track Android phone tool has a website with contact details such as email address, hotline and chat support for easy communication.

5. User Feedbacks

Last but not least, read product reviews or user feedbacks pertaining to the track Android tool that you are looking to buy. See to it that it has garnered a high satisfaction rating from customers and that it offers more benefits than its downsides.

However, remember to scrutinize well the review sites that you will be using as reference. This is because not all of them are reliable. Some review sites and customer feedbacks were only put up for the marketing of the product. So, if the review sounds too good to be true, try to balance things out by checking more reliable sites.

Recommended Track Android Phone Software and Hardware

Among the recommended track Android phone products are 3CX Mobile Device Manager, Stealth Genie, MSpy, Mobistealth, SpyBubble, Plan B and plenty of others.

We will be providing you with reviews and useful information about these regularly.

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