Things to Remember Before Unrooting and Flashing Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy s3

If you have previously rooted your Samsung Galaxy S3 and you realized that you still prefer the old firmware of your phone or you have installed a firmware update that has been very buggy, a way to bring back the device to its old self is by unrooting and flashing it back to its stock ROM.

But prior to that, there are many things that you should think about and do. This is to guarantee that you will not run into any problems that may prove to be very serious.


Before proceeding, keep in mind that unrooting and flashing can cause a lot of trouble if not done properly. The worst among the problems that may occur is that your phone may get bricked or become totally unfunctional. Also, while we have tested the methods and successfully performed them without any issues, it does not guarantee that you will get the same results. So, do this at your own risk.

Backup Your Galaxy S3

Be sure to backup your important files because doing the procedures here will definitely erase all your data and reset the settings of your Galaxy S3. Check out our previous article here to know your various back up options.

Get the Necessary Files

Head over to the Sammobile website and download the stock ROM that corresponds to the model number of your device. Take note though that when choosing a firmware, be sure to pick version 4.1 or higher to prevent bugs. Then, get the latest version of ODIN. You can easily find this tool by searching it in Google.

Charge Your Device

An insufficient battery juice will certainly interrupt the whole process. So, to prevent the unsuccessful installation of the software and to avoid glitches or other major problems, be sure to fully charge your Galaxy S3.

Ready to Proceed

Once you have completed all the preparations, you now ready to proceed. Check out Samsung Galaxy S3 Unrooting and Flashing to start.

Source: APC