How the dominance of Android forced BlackBerry to seek “strategic alternatives”

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Android has been a resurgent force in the recent past with records being broken every month. And this has led to the unfortunate end of a few mobile platforms. We have seen Symbian die off gradually along with MeeGo, and Windows Phone is barely seeing any growth while iOS is so-so as far as growth is concerned.

However, one platform and company that we spoke of going under on several occasions was BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion. And it seems like the day is nigh now as the company has issued a long statement where it has made its desperation quite obvious by stating that the company needs to seek “strategic alternatives”, including that of a partner or perhaps a completely new owner. This, in essence, means that BlackBerry has finally thrown in the towel. The BlackBerry 10 operating system has simply failed to kick off despite showing promise initially.

The reluctance of the company to compete with stalwarts like Apple or Google early in the day has ultimately led to its own demise. But we’re far from that yet, as BlackBerry isn’t shutting itself down, it is merely looking for a helping hand to save it in the eleventh hour. Stock prices haven’t exactly soared for the company either, so we don’t think there was any other way out.

It will now be interesting to see how BlackBerry regroups itself when and if a buyer is willing to either merge or merely acquire the company and let it run on its own (like Google did with Motorola). These are tough times for BlackBerry and we have to feel a little sorry for a company which used to be the symbol of corporate executives for a very long time.

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