Telltale Games bringing The Walking Dead to Ouya


Telltale Games have brought The Walking Dead game to almost every platform in existence, including Xbox 360, PC, PS3, iPad, iPhone and just recently the PS Vita. For some reason, Telltale has yet to bring it to Android, but they are bringing it to Ouya.

Ouya is a part of Android in some ways, it runs on the same operating system, but Ouya spent the last year making sure the heavy skin and new developer SDK pushed the system far away from what can be considered Android.

Telltale Games will be bringing the full game to the Ouya console, with all five episodes of The Walking Dead and the DLC expansion 400 Days. As with all Ouya games, the first episode will come free of charge, with gamers having to pay for the other four episodes.

Telltale has also said they will be bringing the second series of The Walking Dead to the Ouya console, although no time frame was announced. We are also unsure if Telltale will be releasing the game on Ouya at the same time as the normal platforms.

The next series of The Walking Dead is set to follow the story of Clementine, after the huge first series. The Walking Dead was nominated for a whole host of awards and won many and is expected to continue to the success.


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