TEC Asurion: An Insurance Policy and a Tool to Track Android Phone


Some Android phone users subscribed to a contract with Verizon Wireless are baffled about the TEC Asurion charges that keep on getting reflecting on their billing. The particular item appears as TEC Asurion Single Tier and it charges subscribers around $6.99 per month for smartphones up to $10.99 on other devices like tablets.

According to the Verizon Wireless Support page, TEC stands for Total Equipment Coverage. The support section claims that the TEC Asurion Single Tier combines the features of Asurion’s Wireless Phone Protection with Verizon’s Extended Warranty program. This is further improved by Asurion’s Mobile Recovery for supported devices to help track Android phone.

Benefits of the TEC Asurion Single Tier

Basically, the TEC Asurion feature is an insurance policy just in case the subscriber loses the covered device due to theft, accident or other unfortunate instances. Then, it also offers replacement for damaged Android phones, tablets and accessories due to electrical faults, mechanical defects and other natural causes.

The Mobile Recovery feature of the service allows you to track Android phone without much hassle by sounding an alarm if you just misplaced it nearby even when the volume if down. It comes with a GPS locator and location history to track Android phone too.

If all hope is lost and you are positive that your device has been stolen, you can use it to lock your device or wipe its contacts to protect your privacy as well.

Anyone subscribed to the TEC Asurion Single Tier is entitled to download the Mobile Recovery application that can track Android phone from its official website. The installation of this tool is easy and it will only take up a couple of minutes.

In addition, the main website of the product offers a customer support hotline and an email address where subscribers can ask questions and seek help when experiencing technical issues.

Do You Really Need TEC Asurion?

This is a highly recommended tool not only because of the insurance it provides but also for its bundled feature that lets users track their Android phone. So far, user feedbacks about this service have been mainly positive which reflects its reliability and effectiveness. It’s just that Verizon should take some time to explain this to their subscribers before charging them immediately with it.

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