T-Mobile will carry LG G2, Optimus F3 and Optimus F6

T-Mobile LG G2

After Sprint, it’s T-Mobile which has formally announced the arrival of the LG G2 smartphone on its network. But along with the G2, the carrier has also announced two new mid-tier smartphones in the form of the Optimus F3 and the Optimus F6.

The Optimus F3 will be the carrier’s most affordable 4G LTE smartphone yet, which will be available under the zero down payment promotion and will cost $10 a month for a period of two years. The Optimus F3 was originally announced during the back end of July, so we know a bit about it.

The Optimus F6 will feature a 4.5 inch display, a 5MP camera along with LTE, NFC and Jelly Bean. The full specs sheet isn’t available yet, but this will certainly be an attractive mid-ranged offering for T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile has refrained from mentioning the pricing and availability details for the Optimus F6 and the G2, but we’re expecting to gain clarity on that soon. All three smartphones will be offered on T-Mobile’s Advanced 4G LTE and 4G HSPA+ networks.

Via: Android Central