T-Mobile to offer Moto X in September with JUMP upgrade


With AT&T already selling the Moto X, consumers connected to other carriers were a little displeased when nothing else was announced. Verizon has come out the woodwork to say August 29 is the official launch date and now T-Mobile has semi-announced the date.

T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere has said the Moto X is coming to the carrier’s service sometime in September and unlike AT&T’s offer T-Mobile customers can use the JUMP upgrade to grab the new Motorola flagship.

The JUMP upgrade allows users to grab two new smartphones per year for a monthly charge. Unlike AT&T and Verizon, who have made similar upgrade programs, T-Mobile does not charge extras for the smartphones.

Lots of Americans have jumped ship to T-Mobile in the past year, with their policies changing making mobile contracts more transparent and flexible. This has caused disruption in the carrier market, with all carriers changing rates to keep it steady.

Currently, Moto Maker is exclusive to AT&T, we are not sure if Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and other carriers will launch the Moto X with the Moto Maker or if they will have to wait until late-November, as one rumour suggested.

T-Mobile is working directly with Motorola and will not offer the Moto X through their usual service, instead offering it through Motorola’s online store. This could be easier for users who want to use the Moto Maker, allowing the user to select T-Mobile as the carrier afterwards.