Sprint to launch the LG G2 with tri-band LTE radios


Carrier smartphones are almost identical, with the manufacturers developing the phone the same way for every service. The carrier may plant some awful software onto the phone that users have to live with, but they normally keep the hardware the same.

Sprint will be breaking the barrier with the LG G2, it seems. The newest smartphone from the South Korean company will have Sprint’s tri-band LTE radios inside, which we have seen on MiFi and USB modem devices from Sprint in the past.

This would be the first smartphone to get the tri-band LTE technology and we are surprised Sprint picked the LG G2 and not a Samsung device, although the Note 3 may get the same treatment when it is launched on September 4.

The news was picked up through a Sprint FCC filing on the LG G2 with tri-band radios. We have only currently seen dual-band from Sprint and we wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile tryout this new technology soon.

For those unfamiliar with LTE radios, tri-band means three different bands of radio signals. For the user, this will mean more reliable service indoors and less spotty drops on bandwidth when in a certain area, hopefully.

With the LG G2 supporting LTE-advanced in South Korea and shipping to 130 carriers, we can see the company trying to optimise the phone for every carrier who wants to change the internals slightly.

Source: GigaOM

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