Sony Xperia Z Back Panel Getting Unglued, Water Resistance Compromised

The Sony Xperia Z is one of the best models of Sony today that comes with great hardware and a bunch of nice features. One of its prominent features is its water resistance which is being highlighted in its ads. It is an IP57 certified device which means it can withstand water and dust more than any other ordinary smartphone.

Some owners of the device are now reporting that the water resistance of this model is being compromised since the back panel seems to be getting unglued.

Over at the xda-developers forum one member has reported that he has owned the device for 2 months now and it has endured water and stress tests. Lately though he has noticed a bulge or lift on the top left side of the device. Upon checking on the matter closely it appears that the back plate has become loose.

This isn’t the only reported incidence of the back plate becoming loose as other owners have also said that it is also happening on their devices.

Once the back plate gets loose there is a good chance that water will seep into the device which may lead to water damage. Most owners have said that the raised panel has not caused any issues so far however some owners are reporting that the water resistant indicators are turning red even if all the flaps are closed.

One probable explanation as to why the back plate is getting unglued is due to a hot environment. When the device gets hot through extended gaming periods or other similar tasks it seems to melt the glue that is holding the back plate. The part that’s getting unglued is the upper left side where the Snapdragon chipset is located and is where the most amount of heat is generated.

Some members in the forum say that Sony repair centers are turning people back since there is no way of telling if the water damage is caused by a loose back panel or by accidentally leaving a flap open. Devices without any water damage but have a loose back cover are generally accepted at the repair centers.

Owners are solving this issue on their own by using a hair dryer to melt the glue then pushing the glass back in and waiting for the glue to dry. Some are even applying glue around the edges as a temporary fix.

If the device is still under warranty then the best course of action is to have it repaired by Sony.

via xda-forums

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