Sony adds cloud integration to Xperia media apps


Sony has kept to its guns when it comes to media, instead of offering the Google Play store to its buyers, they keep with the movies and music licenses they already have acquired.

In the next Xperia update we will see cloud integration added to all the devices compatible. This will mean the apps Albums, Movies and Walkman will all have cloud integration, allowing users to access the media on different devices.

The device list is a little short, the only devices getting the update will be ones with Android 4.2 installed. The download is over-the-air and Sony is rolling out the update to everyone with a compatible device.

This is one of the first real moves Sony has made in the cloud space. Google and Apple have ways to back up movies, songs and albums, but Sony has kept their media content restricted to one device.

We are glad to see they are finally moving with the ages, while the Walkman app and Movies are a little less well designed, they have oodles of music and movies that some other stores do not have on offer.

It reminds us back to the time when Sony and Apple fought in the iTunes battle and Sony depressingly fell from a once well-known music company to a bitter competitor with the iPod and iTunes, one that could not really compete.

Source: Sony Xperia

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