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Sony reports sales of over 9.6 million smartphones in previous quarter


Sony has just posted results of its Q1 2013 fiscal earnings (April-June) and it seems like the smartphone division can take a lot of positives from it. The company is believed to have sold over 9.6 million smartphones during the period compared to 7.4 million during the same time last year and 8.1 million during the previous quarter.

The company’s camera division however saw poor results, which was pretty much on expected grounds. The constant changes in foreign exchange rates seem to have affected Sony positively as well. In its statement Sony said the “significant increase in unit sales of smartphones and an increase in the average selling price of smartphones” was a major factor behind doing so well.

Overall, sales increased by 14% year-over-year while revenues increased by 13%. Sony’s gaming division however saw a brief fall with loss reported of over $149 million. This was partly due to the high R&D costs for the upcoming PlayStation 4 gaming console. We can expect Sony to bounce back in this department when the console is launched later this year.

With the arrival of smartphones like the Xperia Z this year, Sony has clearly started off well. This is in contrast to HTC, which predicted its first ever loss for Q3 2013. Unfortunately for HTC, it only has the smartphone division to bank on, unlike Sony.

Source: Sony

Via: The Verge

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