Sony QX100 smartphone lens accessory to cost $450


Sony recently revealed two new “Sony Lens” accessories for the smartphone, the QX100 and QX10. The accessory acts as a camera for the smartphone, with the lens connecting to the smartphone through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Normal cameras take photos, store on the device, then the user can send the photo the phone for editing. With the Sony Lens, it will connect to the smartphone before taking a photo and then the user can take a photo from the smartphone and edit on the phone.

Prices for the Sony Lens’ were not revealed but now we have two decent price points for the camera lenses. The QX100 will cost $493 and the QX10 will cost $226 in the US. We are not sure how this will translate into other currencies, Sony has not been the best when it comes to fair exchange.

The QX100 seems like a good deal for those who want an accessory to take amazing photos. The lens will come with a 20.2MP camera, f/1.8 aperture, 3.6 optical zoom and a zoom ring. This would be the perfect buy for someone who wants to be mobile with an amazing camera.

For the photographer who just wants a nice snap shot, the QX10 will still do an incredibly good job, with an 18MP CMOS sensor, f/3.5 aperture and optical zoom, it looks like a good deal for less than the average point and shoot.

The full package looks like the Sony Xperia Z1, that will come with a 20.2MP camera, f/2.4 aperture, optical zoom and G Lens all bundled nicely into the smartphone. All three of these products will be shown off at IFA 2013, on September 4.


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