Sony NEX-5T camera works with Android NFC sharing


We are starting to see cameras and smartphones try to mesh the same way laptops and tablets are trying to on Windows 8. The big smartphones right now with amazing cameras are the Lumia 1020, Galaxy S4 Zoom and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1.

The Sony NEX-5T is not a smartphone but does work quite well with smartphones, through NFC and WiFi sharing. The camera has its own three-inch display, but for users wanting to get a good look at the camera, they can check with their larger smartphone.

With NFC and WiFi sharing, as soon as an image is captured, the photographer can then edit it on the smartphone. Professionals may still value the tools on PhotoShop and other powerful PC apps, but for users who just want a nice picture, the phone has all kinds of colourful and wacky features.

To the basics of the Sony NEX-5T, it is a 16MP shooter and sits in between a normal point-and-shoot and DSLR. The camera is packed full of options and features, as we have come to expect from Sony.

We expect the Sony NEX-5T to be released at IFA 2013, alongside the Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Mini, Sony Lens accessories and some other mysterious gadgets. Sony may bring a Chromecast competitor¬†and a new Google TV, we aren’t to sure about these two leaks at the moment.

Price wise, the Sony NEX-5T will cost $700 with a kit lens and $550 without the kit lens.