Sony could be creating a Chromecast competitor


Google has done well with the Chromecast in the early stage of the devices’ life, gaining tons of support from different media streaming services and huge adoption in the US, with the Chromecast selling out in lots of areas and Google cutting the Netflix three month offer quickly because of huge demand.

Sony could be preparing to tap into the Chromecast’s market with a new competitor device. The mystery device recently slipped by the FCC, some claimed it was a Google TV, but looking closer the device seems to be some sort of dongle with added functionality.

The device is named NSZ-GU1, similar to other Google TV names, however it lacks HDMI-pass through, something operational on most all Google TVs. The device will also be plugged into a HDMI port, similar to the Chromecast.

Two features we have not seen on the Chromecast that are coming on the Sony dongle are an IR blaster and Bluetooth. The IR blaster is questionable although it may just be used to connect more easily to the TV. Bluetooth could be used to connect to external speakers or the dongle may be able to connect wirelessly to the TV.

We did not know Google would be opening the Chromecast program to third-party developers. Perhaps this will be a Sony hardware and software development, to mimic the Chromecast. It may annoy Google but we have not seen a patent regarding the Chromecast yet.

Google TV is now left at a standstill, does it continue on its rather failed attempt at taking over the TV or will the Chromecast now work as the filler, working with all TVs and systems to upload Internet content.

Source: FCC

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