Some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Commonly Asked Questions

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Mailbag has been receiving a lot of questions and complaints related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So, here is a quick rundown of the issues sent to us as well as the answer or solutions connection to them.

1. Can the Google Calendar’s events and tasks be integrated in a one shot interface?

Although the native apps and default settings of the Galaxy Note 2 do not allow this, it can be remedied by using apps that provide this function. One of the known apps in Google Play store that is capable of doing this is Sync ToDo Tasks Calendar.

2. Is there a way to recover apps and other files of the Galaxy Note 2 after a Factory Reset?

If you have checked the Automatic Restore and Backup My Data under the Backup & Restore section of Settings, plus you have synchronized it with your Google account, then it is possible. All you have to do is sync it again with your Google account. Lost files in the SD card can also be recovered using a third party software like Asoftech.

3. How do I solve the frequent freezing of the Galaxy Note 2?

The frequent freezing of the Galaxy Note 2 has many possible causes. Among them are too many apps running in the background, low storage memory, RAM hogging of apps, system glitches and hardware-related issues.

Here are the solutions you can apply to solve this problem:

a. Regularly monitor and manage the phone’s internal storage.

b. Clear cache and app preferences.

c. Check if there are RAM hogging apps through Safe Mode.

d. If all else fails, perform a Factory Reset.

e. When the problem persists even after Factory Reset and you have noticed that the phone frequently overheats in the part near the camera, there might be a hardware problem or an issue with the wiring of the device. If this is the case, bring it to your nearest authorized Samsung repair center.

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